Create your data storage system using your own logo and brand to retarget visitors who have reviewed products.

Do you want to see a data storage system where you can store product information of e-commerce sites?

What is Remarketing?

In dynamic retargeting ads, it is aimed to bring visitors back and increase sales by reminding them of the product they have already reviewed. The system identifies products which have reviewed. The image, product name, price and discounted price information of these products are shown on other sites.

What do we offer?

Dynamic Retargeting, we offer the data storage system infrastructure required to create ads.

The data storage system you can use with your own logo which you can create the product database for remarketing advertisements.

Merchant offers you the ability to specify the products which will be displayed on ad spaces with data feeds and automatically or manually editing tools any time.

Freedom of planning specific retargeting campaigns for specific categories or products by creating scenarios.

With Merchant Centre

You can add your e-commerce site to the data storage system as a store, you can verify by adding the verification code into the pages of your site. At the same time with the verification code, you can keep track of the products you are reviewing.
By using XML links, you can import the information on the e-commerce site, create tables and set up automatic updates for specific periods. You can import with multiple XML.
E-commerce sites that do not have an XML link infrastructure can use the import method from .xls, .csv, .txt and .xlsx formatted files to create spreadsheets. You can make manual changes on tables or create a manual table.
To create dynamic retargeting ads, you can create data feeds with data tables. Data feeds deliver your product information to advertising platforms that integrated with Merchant.

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