Network Solution

Create your own advertising platform by using your logo and your brand name.

Would you like to see the platform which you can manage your publisher inventory with ad code of your own brand ?

What We Offer ?

We provide a network platform infrastructure that you can manage your publisher’s network and your advertiser’s network by using your own logo and brand name.

The publisher network management platform which you can add websites and manage ad space on your publisher network.

The advertising platform where advertisers on your advertiser network can create ad campaigns to make brand promotions.

Detailed reporting tools for publisher sites, ad space and campaigns, and real-time reporting.


Use your inventory more effectively with the different ad space models on mobile platforms.

Attract attention with innovative and different ad space models on mobile platforms and increase interaction between the ad and the visitor, and mobile ad revenue.

With full-page publication of interstitial advertising model, opening inread advertising model of the text content when the page scrolled down, opening footer sticky pattern bottom of the page as fixed and running the vignette model the full-page like an intermediate page allowing you to create new ad space without breaking the existing page layout.

With the close button, ad spaces can be easily closed. It is not to be problem for visitors who don’t want to see ads.

Web Display

Get rid of boring and fixed ad space with innovative, easy-to-add and effective ad models. Publish ads on your web inventory without disturbing your visits and increase your revenue.

Increase interaction between ads and visitors and ad revenue with innovative and different ad space models such as inread, footer sticky, intersititial, left / right slider on websites.

Allows you to add without breaking the web page layout and creating new fields on the page for ad space, automatically opening fields between textual content, 800×600 interstitial ad spaces will be published on the full page on the page, fixed at the bottom of the web page, ad space independent from the up and down scroll movement.

With the close button, ad spaces can be easily closed. It is not to be problem for visitors who don’t want to see ads.


The native ad model is a viral ad model that can be positioned between page content and news headlines without generating an ad perception on the web and mobile platforms.

It can be positioned between content of the pages like a news title. Far away from the perception of advertising, the visitor interaction is strong and the result is a high model.

It does not break the page layout. Attracts attention as it will be added with naturalized content between your page contents.

By browsing the contents of your website, we will determine the appropriate content for you and place native ads in the news headline format.


Increase your advertising revenue by publishing video ads which have high interaction with visitors and using both visual and audio content.

You can publish ads on your own video player by using your own logo.

If you do not have video content on your website and only need a video player to run ads, you can only publish ads with the video player.

The site can run video ads by adding to anywhere with in your content, you can earn revenue from this ad model.

Inventory and Advertisement Management

With the Network solution, you can identify ads that will be published in your ad space, you can improve the performance of your ad space by publishing innovative ad models that advertisers will add to your ad space.

You can add your publisher sites and publish ads that have been added to their ad network in their ad space.

You can also increase the occupancy rates of advertisements by publishing advertisements for other networks outside your own advertising network.

With innovative advertising models, your advertisers can effectively promote branding. At the same time you can increase visitor interaction.

Advertisement Management

With Network Solution, you can improve your ad performance by setting the best ad model for publisher sites. At the same time, you can fulfill different ad requests from your advertisers.

Technical Targeting

You specify the technical details such as which devices, which operating systems, etc., will appear.

Language Targeting

You can publish ads based on the language of visitors.

Frequency Capping

You can decide how many times the banners will be displayed.

Time Targeting

You can specify the dates and times to publish banners.

Browser/OS Targeting

You can display different banners according to the user’s internet browser.


You can publish different banners according to the city where visitors are located.

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