Advertisement Sales Platform

With self-service ad sales platform market yourself your ad spaces on your web site.

Would you like to see the platform in which you will market your ad space on your inventory with your own logo?

What can you do ?

With self-service ad sales platform market yourself your ad spaces on your web site.

You can sell your website's ad space yourself with your own logo and brand name, broadcast with your own codes, you can decide which ads will be published in these areas.
With the self-service advertising platform, advertisers can add ads which will be published in your site and use advanced targeting options.

What do we offer ?

We offer an advertising platform where you can add your inventory and create your own ad spaces, advertisers can add adsself -service to publish these ad spaces and an admin platform where you can manage your publisher and campaigns.

Ad Models

With advanced ad models in your inventory allow to your advertisers promote with different methods.

Display ad

You can get banners and flash ads to standard ad spaces like 300×250, 728×90, 120×600. With Passback, you can get ads from other advertisers’ campaigns, as well as from other platforms, in these areas.

Video ad

On your video content you can run preroll, midroll and postroll video ads, and you can market these areas yourself. Your advertisers can add ads by uploading videos, as well as ads with vast codes.


You can publish animated banners in your ad space, make your ad space dynamically, and increase interaction with visitors. You can easily upload files prepared in Html5 format by uploading them to the system.

With Code

Your advertisers can post ads on your inventory by adding the ad code they receive from other ad platforms to the system. With real-time reporting, they can instantly monitor the statistics of their campaigns on your inventory.

Targeting Options

With the ad sales platform, you can increase your ad performance by identifying the best ad model for publisher sites. At the same time, you can fulfill different ad requests from your advertisers.

Technical Targeting

You specify the technical details such as which devices, which operating systems, etc., will appear.

Language Targeting

You can publish ads based on the language that visitors are using.

Frequency Capping

You can decide how many times the banners will be displayed.

Time Targeting

You specify which days and when the banner will be published.

Browser/OS Targeting

You can display different banners according to the user’s internet browser.


You can publish different banners according to the city where visitors are located.

Real-Time Reporting

With Ad Sales Platform, you can improve your ad performance by setting the best ad type for publisher sites.

With real-time reports, you can track ad space statistics, clickthrough rates, and revenue.
Banner-based, ad space-based and site-based reports you can evaluate multiple aspects.
You can track the performance of all your inventory instantly and you can direct your advertising plans and expenses.

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