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Adhood offers the advertising platform you want to have with innovative solutions for your needs about online advertising.

We build customized advertising platform for you.


Managing your publishers, advertisers, or networks with your own logo and your brand and creating innovative ad spaces for your publishers with different ad types is not difficult as you might think. Adhood offers customized online media management solutions that you can reach your advertising buy and sell goals better and faster.

Our Solutions

Select the appropriate solution. With adhood infrastructure, let’s create your custom ad platform.


AdServer platform which you can improve the performance of your ad space with publisher sites with up-to-date ad models and you can make inventory planning.

Network Solution

The advertising platform where you can consume your own ads as well as post advertisements from other advertiser networks in your publisher network.

Advertising Sales Platform

Self-service ad sales platform that you can market ad space on your website and decide ads to publish on in these ad spaces.


Data storage system that you can store product informations of e-commerce sites and create dynamic retargeting ads with integrated advertising platform.

Innovative Advertising Models

Create innovative ad spaces can be used without disturbing page layout like inread, interstitial, footer sticky and ways to increase ad revenue without disturbing visitors.

Video Player

A video player where you can play your video content that you can use with your own logo on your website and you can publish video / vast advertisements on these contents.

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