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Let’s determine your needs and we create an advertising platform for you with our innovative solutions.


We offer an advertising platform that you can use with your own brand and logo and you can use ad spaces and targeting options which you need for self-service ad platform or ad networks.


We offer a data storage system (Merchant Syaytem) that integrated with advertising platforms to create retargeting ads with product informations which e-commerce sites have.


We offer a video player where you can play your video content, post ads on your content, or play only advertisements without video content.


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With Adserver you can maximize your productivity in your ad impressions, manage your inventory and ad delivery on a single platform with detailed targeting options and advanced reporting.

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Ad Sales Platform

With the ad sales platform, you can market your ad spaces on your web site
yourself by using your own logo and brand name.


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Network Solution

You can manage your publisher network with innovative ad models in the ad platform that will be created with your own logo and brand name.

Publisher Management

You can offer effective ad space to your publishers and instantly track their performance and revenue.

Advertiser Management

You can consume advertisers' campaigns on your own publisher's network.

Inventory Management

You can increase your revenue by publishing ads from other networks in your inventory.

Video Player

You can have a player which you can play your video content with your own logo, and you can publish preroll, midroll and postroll ads on your video content.



You can store product information of your ecommerce sites in data storage system, create dynamic retargeting ads using this information, and reach visitors who have reviewed products before.

Advertisers’ Websites

Publishers’ Websites

Product Sales of Advertisers